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Автор: | 28 июля 2010

Google в последнее время просто ЖЖОТ. Во-первых, они так и не могут устранить ошибку с невозможностью отключить прием всей почты (catch-all) на домене, с этой проблемой столкнулись некоторые пользователи Гугл Аппс, во-вторых, подписанные письма гугла попадают в спам.

Вот сегодняшнее письмо, обнаруженное в спаме:

тема: Google Apps Auto-Forwarding Issue

Dear USER,
We wanted to make sure you were aware of a temporary issue with Gmail auto-forwarding. Some of your users may have been affected, if they use either of the following features, which are available in the Gmail user interface, under Settings:
* Email filter with auto-forwarding
* Auto-forwarding of all email
While releasing minor fixes to the Gmail vacation auto-responder last week, we discovered that some messages were no longer being auto-forwarded. We found the root cause of the issue and quickly fixed it. However, messages set to automatically forward to another account may not have been forwarded, if they were received between the following times:
PDT: Tuesday, July 20, at 5:00 PM to Thursday, July 22, at 6:30 PM
GMT: Wednesday, July 21, at 12:00 AM to Friday, July 23, at 1:30 AM
A list of users who may have been affected by this issue appears at the end of this message. To ensure these users don’t miss any email sent to their Gmail account that they planned to read elsewhere, they should check their Gmail inbox and the account to which they forward messages. Here’s an email message you can send to these users to inform them of the issue. Make sure to change the times to your time zone, if necessary.
Dear [User],
Google has informed us that Gmail auto-forwarding features may have been temporarily disabled during the following times:
Tuesday, July 20, at 5:00 PM PDT to Thursday, July 22, at 6:30 PM PDT
If you set up a Gmail filter to automatically forward specific messages, or you automatically forward all email to another account, we recommend that check your Gmail inbox and the account to which you forward messages to see if any messages are missing.
We have taken measures to help prevent this issue from recurring in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and thank you for using Google Apps.
Here’s the list of users who may have been affected:
The Google Apps Team
Email Preferences: You have received this mandatory email service announcement to update you about important changes to your Google Apps product or account.
Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

1) я ни разу не отправлял письма Google в спам, спам-фильтр гугла решил это сам.

2) почему нельзя сделать перманентное правило не отправлять такие служебные письма в спам? 🙂

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